Google Wave Aims To Increase Productivity

Google Wave is an exciting new real time productivity app

This is an exciting time for Google as it expands its horizons and reaches out into more and more technical arenas.  Now the company has yet another new and exciting app that has just launched into Beta release called Google Wave.

The idea behind Wave is to create a real-time experience with platforms such as blogs and e-mails.  In fact, each character that the user types can be seen on-screen as it happens.  This has never been done before and company is very excited about it, but recognizes that the new app is still in its infancy and will need to catch up to speed.

Right now Google Wave works best with small groups and allows the administrator to control access to the discussions.  The advantage of this program is that participants can join in on discussions at any time and those ideas are recorded just like in Google Docs.  This is a great solution for those who need to conduct a conference or press conference, like the upcoming Facebook Privacy press conference.  Facebook has decided to jump on the Wave and utilize Google’s new service.

Since the app was launched to the public a few days ago, users have had lukewarm reviews of it.  Right now Google Buzz seems to be the top performer, however; Google expects its new Google Wave addition to rise to the occasion and become a part of improving productivity, which so far they have excelled at over Microsoft.

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