Google’s reMail Acquisition Hurts Apple

Google is leaving no stone unturned to maintain its leadership position as an internet giant. Instead of declaring a full-fledged war on its rivals, Google is adopting what are called as guerilla tactics. Google recently acquired reMail, an iPhone application company. What the application does is not at all important, what matters is the fact that as soon as Google purchased this company, all the ties that reMail had with Apple’s App Store were severed immediately. reMail will continue to provide support to the application till March 2010, however, after that the application will be available through Google only.

Clearly, Google is amassing arsenals for the next war, which is going to be fought on mobile handsets. First it was development of Android, and then it was launch of Android powered phones, and now this acquisition. Though Apple’s

Google Vs Apple

Google's Apple

iPhone users will be disappointed, it is celebration time for Open Source users, which has much larger client base than App Store. Next on the shopping list of

Google is On2 Technologies, which again is a significant player in video streaming space. This again shows that Google has crafted a concise strategy to maintain its leadership position. Analysts may be worried over Google’s break-neck speed acquisition spree, but as long as the registers are ringing, does anyone really cares.

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