Go Green in Business: Increasing Customer Satisfaction and Improving Community Relations

Go Green in Business


It is very important to save our earth while conducing business. Many organizations have started implementing policies on using products that are earth friendly. Do we ever think about the earth we are going to leave for our future generations? Millions of dollars saved in our bank accounts cannot save our children, if the earth and water is contaminated and not in a usable state. This article will explain how you can implement Go Green in Business and save your business, and in turn save the natural resources for the future generations.

Go Green in Business Policy:

The world has grown to a population of over 6 billion people in 2000. It is expected that the world population will be over 9 billion in another 40-50 years. If distributed evenly, only 25% of natural resources will be available to those living in 2050. Things we dispose of contribute to at least 25% of global warming. It is important that we recycle or avoid excess usage of certain products to protect our earth.

Save Energy to Save Money:

It is very important to understand how much money can be saved by minimizing the energy usage. There are couple of easy to do tips one can implement to go green in business.

  • Adjust the thermostat in your office to few degrees lower during winter, and a few degrees higher in summer to save energy
  • Review the level of energy and water usage at your business, and see if any of these can save cosst by recycling
  • Unplug the electrical products while not using them
  • Take steps on common commuting plans like carpooling

Save Trees by Optimizing Paper Usage:

Do you know how many trees are being cut to prepare a bundle of paper? Each time we cut one tree, Earth moves two steps towards its end, and the end of your business too. Start implementing these simple procedures immediately to go green in business to save our planet.

  • Avoid printing, unless it is absolutely necessary
  • Make use of presentation tools and online tools for presenting your projects
  • Cut costs on paper brochures, newsletters by using bulk Emails and E-Newsletters – this way you will be able to reach a huge audience
  • Purchase access to virtual libraries and make them available to your employees. This way you can cut down costs of building a library or avoid buying certain books

Recycle or Donate the Electronics:

Do you know that when a used battery is thrown into trash, what happens to the earth and water? The chemical contents in the battery leak out, and spoil the earth on which we grow our vegetation. Water and food contamination cause many health problems.

  • Go green in business by recycling or donating your computers and mobile phones when you don’t need them
  • Encourage your employees to do the same
  • You can upgrade or exchange these electronic products and save money

Using Solar Power and Wind Energy to Go Green in Business:

Carbon emission while using electrical energy in any form spoils our earth.

  • Using solar power to run your machinery can save you huge amounts of money
  • Water can be heated using solar energy
  • Small solar devices are available to charge your mobile or ipods


Creating awareness among your employees, other business stakeholders and the community about using greener products is very important.  Please remember that you not only save money by implementing policies to go green in business, but you also save the earth!

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