Green Cleaning Services

by Emayeneme Gbemiye-Etta

Green cleaning by definition is using nontoxic and/or organic products to clean in a home, school, office or any other public or private facility. In its simplest form green cleaning is using such products as baking soda, lemon juice and vinegar to do the majority of the cleaning at home.

In an office, public or private facility it is using certified green or organic products to clean the facility.

Green cleaning services are by definition cleaning services which use products that are environmentally friendly and non-toxic and will not cause respiratory and dermatological problems. There are a growing number of organizations which provide green cleaning services to their customers. Customers should be aware that the organic cleaning products and natural cleaning product industry are not related like the organic product industry.

What is involved in Green Cleaning?

Green cleaning involves using products that are environmentally safe and/or natural products.

What are the advantages of Green Cleaning?

Green cleaning is an advantage to both the cleaners and their customers. In using the green products, cleaners will not be affected by the:

1. Fumes from the toxic products.

2. The affects the products had on their skin and their overall health.

What should potential customers make sure of?

In picking a cleaning company, customers need to make sure of a number of things:

1. That the products being used by the cleaning company are actually organic or natural.

Overall What are the cost benefits of Green Cleaning?

The benefits at first may seem expensive but the overall costs are outweighed by the overall benefits of green cleaning:

  • As mentioned earlier people are not affected by toxic cleaning products when green cleaning products are used.
  • In an office environment, nontoxic cleaning means less people get sick from toxic products and therefore are less likely to take time off due to sickness from breathing in the toxic products and therefore less money is spent on illnesses and time off.
  • Green cleaning is creating a growing industry of products that do the cleaning the old products d id in the past but do not have the same negative effect on the users of the product.

Some of the argument that people give for not considering green cleaning is that the products are too expensive and the increased cost is not worth the benefits of using green products. Green cleaning services are now reporting that green products are becoming more cost effective and the difference in costs between green and regular cleaning products is getting less and less.


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