GSM Operators in Mobile Applications Fray

Mobile Applications

GSM operators for long have concentrated on providing voice, text and data services to its subscribers, but that seems to be changing now. Selling mobile applications through its networks seems to be the new online business mantra. It is a perfectly sensible move if we consider the changing habits of cell-phone users. Not so long ago, a mobile was used just for voice and text purposes. But as internet spread its web, all the dynamics changed. Cellular service providers quickly realized that to stay ahead in the competition, they need to offer something more than just strong network and digital voice clarity.

Probably, this is the reason why 24 leading GSM operators of the world have decided to create a common platform from where their subscribers can purchase and download applications on demand. This spells boon for application developers too as they no longer have to worry about multiple checks and developing platform specific applications. Nokia already is competing with Apple’s iTunes in online music store space, and this move will certainly intensify the competition in the mobile application selling space, where Google’s Android and Apple’s App Store are already in fray. This universal platform will be up and going in span of 12 months. Is Microsoft hearing this? Probably they should!

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