HTC Earns 31st Spot in Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in 2010

HTC smartphones

HTC's Smartphones Helped Earn Them The 31st Spot in Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in 2010

Have you ever heard of HTC? You might have, you might have not. One thing is for sure: you will. HTC is one of the companies to keep a look out for in 2010. Most recently known for their Droid phones with Verizon Wireless, HTC is starting to put out operating systems, apps and features on their smartphones that are being compared to the almighty iPhone. But HTC is not new to the mobile technology market. Co-founder and chairman Cher Wang started the company 13 years ago, hoping to one day create a phone that acts in place of your computer. Which, in 2010, I think it is safe to say she has come pretty close to doing just that. If you ask her, it’s just the beginning.

Hearing that it is just the beginning is exciting news. This year, HTC earned the 31st Spot in Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in 2010. A spot that they are thrilled to be at, but are excited to beat out next year. The Taiwanese Google-phone maker focuses on the individual when creating new designs and interfaces. They concentrate on what seems to be important to most people using smartphones today, i.e. email and social networking. Whenever a company is doing what’s best for their customers and their likes/dislikes and at the same time offering only the best in that market, it creates a recipe for success for everyone involved.

Wondering why you are just now hearing about this company? HTC had quietly taken a backseat with it’s brand for much of it’s first years in the business, content to build phones for other brands and not put their own logo on the phone. It wasn’t until friends Andy Rubin (Google’s director of mobile platforms) and Peter Chou (HTC’s CEO) came together for a collaboration that would change both companies for the better. Their combined effort in software and hardware lead to the creation of the successful Android platform and the first Google phone, of now many.

With that being said, don’t plan on HTC going anywhere, anytime soon.

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