Human Resources Professionals Use Social Media To Seek Out Candidates

Human Resources

Human Resources

Social media can be used by Human Resources professionals to increase the quality of candidates and to stretch out further in to the available community of workers. While sites like LinkedIn naturally gravitate towards hiring and job searching, other sites also offer possibilities to increasing H.R. effectiveness.

Sites can be used to search for potential candidates and to screen candidates before investing time in phone calls and interviews. Additionally, communities can be formed on sites like Facebook. These communities would promote deeper relationships, thereby increasing the candidacy of hire potential. This would also weed out potential employees who simply want a job, and may not be necessarily passionate about a specific company’s mission or brand. By pulling from a community of individuals who have added themselves to that group, it can be nearly guaranteed that they have a purpose for adding and wishing to be a part of the community.
While recruiters are often simply too busy to create relationships with candidates, social media makes it easier and more effective for them to do this. It has been said that finding candidates through this vein, via connections made on social media sites, the workplace then becomes a more connected unit, as candidates and hiring managers and recruiters are already familiar with each other via social media sites and groups.

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