Ikea’s New ‘Uppleva’ Home Theatre System Hits Stores This Month

Written by: Kristiina Yang

Are you looking to buy a new television set without the hassle of finding the right furniture to put it on? Well, Ikea might have just the solution for you.

Long beloved by the mass consumer for offering affordable and attractive furniture, Swedish company Ikea will now step into the realm of electronics releasing this month its new Uppleva home theatre system.

The Uppleva consists of a “smart” LED television monitor, blue ray player and speaker system (including one moveable, wireless subwoofer), all integrated into standard, stylish Ikea furniture. Further, the set has a built-in system for organizing and hiding the messy cords from sight and from mind.

Uppleva Arrangements

Ikea's new 'Uppleva' home theatre system can be customized to user preferences.

This system is at once a television set and a piece of furniture, Ikea demonstrating its understanding of user needs and creating a new concept that is poised to challenge competitors in both the electronic and furniture industries. Making this deal even more attractive is its price, starting just under $1000.

Like many of Ikea’s other furniture pieces, the Uppleva will come in an assortment of colors, arrangements and sizes, the buyer able to customize the television set to his or her particular needs. The television will also serve various functions, allowing users to watch movies in Blu-ray or DVD format, connect to the Internet through built-in Wi-Fi and listen to music.

Technology bloggers claim that Uppleva and its anticipated success demonstrate the shifting priorities of consumers today, particularly in the realm of electronics. Christina Bonnington for Wired Magazine Online points out that consumers today are less focused on the quality of TV sets, which was once the products’ major selling point. What sets Uppleva apart is its convenience, appearance and low cost, qualities that Ikea can and will capitalize on.

While Ikea is not pushing any new limits technologically, the company, as always, attempts to cater to user needs, which is anticipated to give the Uppleva system an edge in the market. The set is anticipated to require some home assembly, as is common with many Ikea products.

This month Uppleva will be released first across several European cities, including its flagship city of Stockholm, Paris and Berlin, and will be available in almost all European stores through autumn 2012. Uppleva’s release in countries outside of Europe, including in the United States, should be expected in spring 2013. For more information, be sure to watch Ikea’s lighthearted Uppleva teaser trailer below:

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