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Mumford and Sons

Mumford & Sons

There is an individual song in each of us that comes from some hidden chord buried deep in our psyche. It is the tune that we hum and the song that we whistle. It is the rhythm in our stride and the medley of our day.

For me – as I am sure it will be for you – “The Cave” by the UK indie folk Band Mumford & Sons is such a song.

Somehow, someway, Marcus Mumford , Country Winston , Ben Lovett , Ted Dwane¬† have been able to hear the song within themselves and record it. With strong lyrical songs like “Little Lion Man” and heartwarming themes like “Winter Winds” it is the same for all the songs on the band’s debut album “Sigh No More”.

What gives the band its unique sound is its willingness to use a strict assembly of acoustical instruments such as the dobro, the double bass, and the banjo. The simple beat you hear on some of the tracks is done by the lead singer and guitarist of the band, Marcus Mumford, after who the band seems to be named. Marcus uses a bass drum for one foot and a tambourine on a foot pedal for his other foot. This combination of simple acoustic instruments and a bare minimum in drums creates a steady pleasant rhythm in all their songs and concerts.

It comes as no surprise then, that a band this great that formed in 2007 and released a debut album as recent as October of last year has already performed on late shows with David Letterman and Craig Ferguson. They have also been rated number one on music polls world wide. This is definitely the beginning of a long and historical legacy in Music.

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