iPad Revolutionizes PC Market

Lot of people are still wondering what exactly an Apple’s iPad is? The confusion stems from the fact that it looks very similar to a blown up iPhone and a miniature tablet PC. So what exactly is it and more importantly, is this beautifully designed touchscreen device the future of computers?. It would be more appropriate to place iPad in the latter category for a number of reasons. The reasons are as follows –

Now, what is the most common utility of computer for normal people? Commonly, they are used for communication, entertainment and networking. If we leave out professionals like graphic designers, engineers and software developers, most of us do not utilize even 50% of the computing power of our computing devices. So the question arises, why do we need those bulky desktop computers or laptops? If you want to communicate, play games or music, or connect with others, an iPad is fully efficient to do that. Moreover, applications that are developed for mobile devices are much more user friendly and efficient than their fully loaded websites.

What makes iPad more appealing is the fact that it is 3G enabled, which means simply insert a mobile sim card in it and use it as a cell phone. Even if you don’t have a wireless hot-spot in the immediate vicinity, your iPad is seamlessly connected to the internet. Unlimited data plans provided by GSM mobile service providers at down to earth prices make this device even more appealing. So do not be surprised if in near future you see sales of desktops and laptops plummeting. The future of computers has certainly arrived.

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