Jay-Z Destroys the Pepsi Center in Yet Another Legendary Concert

Jay-Z with his famed baseball cap

Jay-Z, the chart-topping emcee and CEO of the entertainment company Roc Nation, transformed The Pepsi Center into a hurricane of hip-hop on Monday, in an event that truly was the cherry atop his legendary career as a hip-hop revolutionary. Shawn Corey Carter, who is known to millions of fans as either Jay-Z, Jigga or Hova, kept the entire stadium rhyming right along with him as he filled the airwaves with an extended list of hits.

As only Jazzy could, the famed rapper opened like a shaken bottle of cristal, exploding onto the stage with “Run This Town,” “On to the Next One,” D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)” and then the somewhat-aged classic, “99 Problems.” HE complimented himself as he brought in backup singer Bridget Kelly to handle Alicia Keys’ hook in “Empire State of Mind,” and displayed video clips of Barack Obama brushing off his soon-to-be-presidential shoulder as the rapper erupted with “Dirt Off Your Shoulder.”

Young Jeezy apparently needs to step up his game

Jay-Z shared the stage for a short guest appearance by Young Jeezy. But the crowd was rather disappointed by his failed attempt to live up to a radio-sheened reputation; fortunately for him, Jay-Z┬ádecided to add his own flair to the struggling rapper’s “Mr. President,” which managed to save the entire song. The short verse was highly-concentrated hip hop, and certainly deserves to be quoted for the benefit of all those who didn’t have a chance to catch the man spitting fire in the snow-covered state of Colorado. It went as follows: “Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther could walk/ Martin Luther walked so Barack Obama could run/ Barack Obama ran so all the children could fly/ So I’ma spread my wings/ You could meet me in the sky.”

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  1. jay z sux hard nuts. jeezy was probably sittin sidewayz on that purple kush and a pint a dat lean. if i was jeezy i woulda hit tha club instead. cuz for real jay z you need to take ur ass to retirement, ya shit wack dag kill ya self

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