Jon Stewart Debates Global Warming and the Snow Storm

The Daily Show Crew

Heating up the debate about global warming, the best news team on the face of this planet – at least, according to their anchorman – reported on the two faces of the monster. While fox news confronted Al Gore‘s assertions with 18 inches of snow, Jon Stewart and the Daily Show poked fun at one fundamentally inconvenient truth: global warming swings both ways. A rare weather segment covered the snowpocalypse/ snowmageddon/ snowtorious B.I.G. dumping flurries all over the north-eastern United States.

In other news, Jon Stewart investigated the child-taker investigation, where ten American missionaries face life in prison for attempting to escort children out of the tumult of their native home: Haiti. After they were warned about rescuing young lives without the necessary documentation, the group went ahead with their plans to take them all to America.

Willie Mays was the guest of the evening. He told the crowd that he would have surpassed Babe Ruth’s home run record if he’d played the game instead of going into the service for two years. He mentioned that he gave himself a handicap while on the Trenton Giants, in order to appease the touchy members of the all white league.  Willie Mays explained how the hate of the crowd fueled his talent during the black and white days, when only two colors showed up on the television set.

By the end of the episode, Jon Stewart expresses his fascination with a baseball legend, and receives a heart-felt compliment from  his good friend at the Colbert Report.

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