Jon Stewart Discusses GOP spending, Palin and McCain, and Robin Williams is Ecstatic

The host of the Daily Show looking more serious than usual

Jon Stewart starts the daily show with a story that is almost completely without meaning and subsequently hilarious. The story? A scandal about the thousands of dollars spent by the G.O.P at a bondage-themed strip club. In defense of the expenditures, once might argue that Voyeur, located in West Hollywood, isn’t a sleazy go-go bar, but “a destination for provocative revelry that combines eroticism and nightlife exclusivity.” Alison Meyers, head of RNC’s Young Eagles, was fired for her direct involvement with the ordeal, while Michael Steel was competely let off the hook.

In other news, John McCain is struggling to maintain a narrow lead in a tight senatorial primary against J.D. Hayworth. With his back against the wall, the prodigal daughter – Sarah Palin – tries to save the falling maverick in her own not-very-helpful way.

Sarah puts McCain beneath her wing for the upcoming primaries

Robin Williams is the guest of the evening, and he thanks Jon for inviting him to relapse (a direct reference to the gift basket that included a bottle of vodka). He also mentions his heart, which is now constructed partially from cow parts, and recommends doctor’s in Cleveland for all future medical procedures. His book,

“Weapons of Destruction,” isn’t mentioned until┬áthe last second of the episode.

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