Jon Stewart Critiques UK Elections, Posts a New “Friendly Fire” Segment, and Chats with Fred Pearce

Jon Stewart is rarely at a loss for words

This episode of the Daily Show jumps into a present trend about UK elections looking more American, then a new installment of “Friendly Fire Gaywatch Edition,” before Jon Stewart holds a great interview with Fred Pearce.

To start things off, The United Kingdom’s general election takes an exciting turn into the world of American-style theatrics. Jon agrees to grade the British mimicry, which he deems a good rough draft, after citing the fact that nobody pressed a single emotional button, and the lackluster attempt to incorporate the trials and tribulations of everyday people into their political masquerades. However, Mr. Stewart is soon put to shame when British television whips out some┬ástate-of-the-art fully-immersive holy-deck 3-D matronic technology, which puts American shanty-tech to shame.

Later on in the show, a new installment of “Friendly Fire Gaywatch Edition” shows Obama getting yelled at by liberals about “don’t ask don’t tell.” He tries to settle the rambunctious individual, but to no avail; Jon offers some advice, since he notices that the President doesn’t understand a common fact: hollering is a liberal’s inside voice. Friendly Fire than turns the barrel over to Lindsey Graham, who is getting some heat from Wiliam Gheen – a tea party protestor – after announcing his plans to reform immigration laws. Unabe to comprehend Gheen’s argument, Jon assumes that Gay people must be conspiring to allow more illegal Mexican immigration. ┬áHe ends the segment by stating this humble observation, “If a republican comes out and sees a gay shadow, it means 6 more years of a democratic administration.”

The last portion of the Daily Show is an interview with Fred Pearce, author of ‘The Coming Population Crash and Our Planet’s Surprising Future.” During the conversation, he asserts that woman are having half as many children as they did a generation ago – globally speaking – and that world-wide females are choosing to gain their financial independence through work, before settling down with a family. As the lesser generation grows up, a majority of the planet’s population will be over 65. And, according to Mr. Pearce, The earth prefers older people because age makes people wise and more wiling to fix and repair the damaging “teenage” years of the twentieth century.

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