Justin Bieber and Usher Recycle Justin Timberlake to Make Millions

Makin' noise in Illinois

The swell of tween-age girls that flocked to see Justin Bieber live on Wednesday night made some think it was 1964, and that the Beatles were actually playing the Rosemont Theatre; unfortunately – however disappointing it may be – the famed Illinois venue wasn’t actually hosting the premiere pop act of all time, but merely just presenting the newest Plastecine pre-pubescent to ever whine through an auto-tuner. His name is Justin Bieber, and with the help of Usher and milions of impressionable fifteen-year-old girls, this Canadian sensation has managed to take present-day Justin Timberlake, and cram him into the body of a mop-headed fifteen year old.

In interviews, Justin has listed a couple of his most memorable moments from the past two years, which included performing for President Obama, and his encounter with Beyonce Knowles as a presenter at the Grammy Awards. He mentioned a recent Range Rover that he’d received from Usher – wrapped with a bow and pre-loaded with Usher’s newest album Raymond vs. Raymond – and how his mother is too afraid to drive with him, but that his manager lets the young pop-hopper flex his driver’s- permit skills.

Hip Hop's finest, stayin' cool at radio Disney

As cob-web-covered acts like the Jonas Brothers age beyond the tween-pop spotlight, a new billboard-boy is strung up to the puppet strings. Prepare to see a lot of this little fella in the future; ask anyone younger than 25 – he’s the coolest thing since frozen yogurt.

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