An all new way to keep the leaves (and people) out of your pool: Telescopic Pools

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Make your outdoor pool an indoor as well!

Live somewhere sunny enough for a pool, but windy enough for falling leaves? Hate having to put a tarp cover on? Want to lay by, or in, your pool even when it’s raining? If you answered yes to any of the following questions then you are in need of a Telescopic Pool. Designed by Inter Pool Cover Team, this design helps cover (pun intended) all-of-the-above.

This transparent, telescopic enclosure gives you the privacy you crave while adding a bit of style to your outdoor pool. It is especially useful if you live in great, but rainy, places like the Northwest and refuse to let mother nature keep you from your dream pool. When it does give you those few weeks of sunshine, just open and enjoy! Yet even when closed, you will still have the beautiful view you do when opened. You don’t even have to worry about the air flow once closed. Plus, the Telescopic Pool has an Air Fresh system that generates active ventilation.

Prices vary depending on the size and if you need one custom built. You can chose from their low enclosure, standard enclosure, half enclosure or bespoke enclosure design. Just email or call with your plans and ideas by finding them at the Telescopic Pool Enclosure website.

1 thought on “An all new way to keep the leaves (and people) out of your pool: Telescopic Pools

  1. Nice read, smooth delivery. I enjoyed how well you portrayed the practicality of the product; however, I still can’t fathom why someone would care that it’s raining, if they’re immersed in eight feet of water. Odd world – isn’t it?

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