Written by: Mike Demertzis


During the turn of the last century cars, electricity and telephones were just beginning. Man only looked at the stars thru telescopes and space travel was a fantasy. Today we are all connected in someway and have become dependant on technology whether you like it or not.


We owe a lot of the modern day comforts to Nicholas Tesla father of alternating current. This man was a revolutionary but considered a mad scientist by his peers. He died almost broke, but his ideas shaped our world. His works have been credited on forming the basis for wireless communications and robotics. His adversarial relationship with Edison not only enabled our world to move forward it forced the sceptics of his era to concede his ideas as more than just fiction.


It would be hard to imagine going to a store unable to swipe a credit card for a purchase or use your cell phone to call a tow truck in the middle of the desert. But without electricity and wireless capability it would be impossible. The technological advances in the past twenty years have enabled us to not only send robots to other planets but also stay remotely connected with them. We have the ability to perform complex diagnostic procedures on the body with computers that have been programmed to interpret data or perform procedures that would have previously required a surgeon. As new products are invented they are also getting smaller, laptop computers with wireless cards have enabled children in impoverished countries to become educated and connect with a world which was previously unknown. These young minds are also inventing new items and teaching others in ways which will be a benefit to all in the future.


This progress is not only limited to education and medicine, it can be found in entertainment, art, business, travel and much more. By becoming connected you are able to make informed decisions quickly and accurately that would have previously required spending hours researching. Although when it comes to entertainment the exceptional advances with cameras and televisions have been fantastic. The ability to sit in the comfort of your livingroom and watch a 3D movie while pausing, rewinding and recording something all at the same time is a comfort that needs to be experienced. Which makes one wonder what will be the next new toy to enhance our lives or our world.

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