New Lingerie Line Features Diamond Unmentionables

Harlette Platinum Lingerie clasps

Diamonds aren’t just for jewelry anymore. The fashion and gem industries made an interesting pairing recently with the announcement of a new line of diamond-bejeweled lingerie. Harlette lingerie and Eskae Jewellers partnered together to create a collection that features lingerie clasps fashioned from platinum hearts decorated with diamonds.

The sparkling lingerie collection is a first, and has been awarded a patent (2009100676) in 2009. The patented piece features over 135 diamonds.

“Harlette walks on the side of the road where tradition, style, affordability and fabrics do not come in to the equation,” said Naomi McGill Harlette creative director. “Harlette concentrates on ‘How do you feel?’ and ‘How is the piece transforming the client when she wears it?’ In essence, letting you unleash the naughty romantic within.”

McGill’s expertise lies in creating extravagant pieces using silk, handmade lace, gem-encrusted tulle, ostrich feathers and other elaborate details. She dreamed up this new piece when she noticed the lack of offerings in the lingerie market for women who wanted unique, one-of-a-kind items. She found inspiration in classic Hollywood mixed with royal, baroque and french flavors.

McGill caters to the most discriminating tastes and creates these handmade pieces for customers in Saudi Arabia, the United States, United Kingdom and Malaysia. You can view her collections at theĀ Harlette Lingerie website.

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