Local Organic Farms Are A Healthy Resource

You can find a variety of fresh, organic foods at local farms and farmer's markets

The summer is about to come upon us and with the ray of sunshine comes the full bloom of the local farmer’s markets.  And while this is a great time of the year to shop there for organic produce, there are stores and small farms that sell items throughout the year.

Shopping at local farms or farmer’s markets is a great way to support your city’s economy.  It also promotes healthier food choices and helps keep organic farmers in business.

Organic produce that is grown at the local level has amazing benefits that you won’t find in imported or statewide food.  It is the freshest you can get without growing it yourself in your own backyard.  In fact, there are u-pick farms available that give you this opportunity.  The soil that these farmers use is rich in nutrients, unlike that of the mass production farms, which use harmful pesticides supposedly linked to ADHD in children.

There is a variety of food available from local farms like honey, eggs, produce, homemade soap, and even dog treats.  It is well finding out about and many farmer’s markets and local farms are listed right online.  Local organic produce is a healthy and fresh choice for you and your family.

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