Love Don’t Cost a Thing

Written by: Aleksandra Lyanskaya

Lets talk about love; whether it’s that lust feeling you acquired when you saw that someone walk across the room; whether it’s an infatuation you just can’t get over, no matter if the future entails being with that person or not; or whether it’s the real thing, love. We all experience this insightful and heartwarming and at times heartbreaking feeling of love. All of us have our own, different stories about how we fell in love with that someone we now have in our lives, or how we fell in love and lost that love over time. No matter what, love is a part of our heart we will never fully and truly lose or forget. Questions have come to how many people you can love at one time or how many people you can love throughout your lifetime. However, everyone will have their own opinion on this based on their life experiences and encounters. A first grader who has been in puppy-love may have an intriguing story about the day they met their soul mate on the swings the fist day of school and how the first day they held hands later on that year meant the world to them. A teenager who feels they have moved on from their childish days in life and is now fully ready for true love will tell a story about spending every minute of every day thinking of their loved one and how their future will look together as they scribble their name a million times on the back of their journal during math class. As a high schooler, love may be what is holding a pair of individuals together and while they try to choose a college near one another, no one can tell right away whether the distance will end up pulling them apart or closer together after all. As the college days fly by, studies are all we can focus on, but the thought of love isn’t forgotten. Yet, it is set aside, allowing lust and infatuation to hit the spot. Meeting all of these new faces on campus and feeling a push of adulthood on your back, it’s a question of whether you’ll be settling down for the first person you meet or it’s time to see all that is out there before the four years are over. With a blink of an eye, graduation day has come, caps are being thrown into the air, and a glass of champagne is being raised. We’re either left where we started, single and open to find a loved one for this bright future ahead of us, or leaving the college days behind and with that special someone who has been there and ready to move on in life with you. Love is interesting. We all have our points of view on it and it is ever changing. Each story holds a new spark and experience. It never ends and we never really want it to.

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