Love Songs

Let’s face it, we all love…love.  Every Valentine’s Day we attempt to make our sweetie melt with flowers, a romantic dinner, or a beautifully worded card.  How about a love song?  This Valentine’s Day, how about something really special?

Sure, the flowers smell great and the dinner was delicious…these are wonderful ideas, and before you say it…I know, you’re thinking, I can’t write a love song.  Well, you’re off the hook.  No need, with incredibly talented writers and performers out there, you just have to assemble.

The trick is in knowing your partner and the goal is to capture this moment in time.  You want to choose songs that will cause a stir in her heart.  That way, every time that music is played, those feelings will come back.

Just think about how hearing music you used to rock to in high school makes you feel 16 again, or how you remember every word of some obscure song from the 70’s.  Putting together music for her (or him) can create that type of intense reaction.

Now, I wouldn’t say this is, exactly, a new trick, but what you need to remember (especially if you’re a guy) is that the songs are for her.  Please don’t include anything from The Who or Pink Floyd.  I love these bands, but you have to be discerning when embarking on this project.  You want to target musicians that know how to speak to lovers.  Be diverse…for example you could match up John Mayer, Keith Urban, Leona Lewis, Matt Kearney, Joss Stone and Carrie Underwood.  You could even throw in some vintage tunes, make it interesting.  Take your time and put the music in some kind of order that tells a short story.

Falling in love is always intoxicating, keeping that sizzle, takes a bit more creativity.  This Valentine’s Day show her you remember who she was when you fell for her.  Make some memories and make her heart stir.  I guarantee that you will reap the rewards of a happy lady…maybe the two of you will make sweet music, together!

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