Mercedes-Benz AMG unveils SLS GT3

Mercedes latest racecar, the SLS GT3

In commemoration of Mercedes-Benz’s victory in the 1952 Carrera Panamerica, AMG revealed its latest race car in Oaxaca, Mexico on March 22nd, 2010.  Based on the SLS, the new SLS GT3 is the newest edition to Mercedes’ line of homologated vehicles for GT3 class racing.

Many details about this new Mercedes model are still a mystery.  No one from the company has given a specific release date.  The press release for the SLS GT3 states a fall date, though AMG’s Thomas Rappel said that it will be released before 2011 racing season begins.  The final design of the vehicle remains in question as well.  The model at Oaxaca had a full roll cage, new split front skirt, rear diffusers, and a large rear wing.  There was also a hood extractor and widened fenders.

While the SLS GT3 will be based on the stock SLS drivetrain, Mercedes is withholding the final specifications until later this year.  Some insiders believe that the SLS will get a V8 engine pushing about 600 horsepower.  The SLS GT3 will be significantly lighter than the SLS, due to a stripped interior and carbon fiber body, but that does not mean the SLS won’t be quick by any means.

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