Miami MetroZoo has many a reasons to Celebrate its Birthday.

A loving moment between mommy and baby!

Firstly, it’s for the newborn baby giraffe, the newest addition to the Miami Metrozoo family of over 2000 wild and exotic birds and animals and 1200 varieties of plants. The yet to be named, Mother Mia’s first baby seems very healthy and will be monitored by zoo veterinarian for the coming days for its well being. Giraffe babies are between five to six feet tall at birth and weigh around 150 lbs.

But Miami Metrozoo has many more reasons to celebrate its 30th birthday coming up this July 4th. Its officially changing its name to Zoo Miami and along with that will adorn itself in a new look. The new name according to the zoo officials better describes it as a South Dade Attraction and it was time to drop the outdated ‘Metro’ from the name.

To celebrate its birthday, Metrozoo is offering only $5 admission, live music, freebies and many giveaways, for full 3 days from July 3-5.

Miami’s Metrozoo, soon to be called as Zoo Miami is one of the best zoos in the United States. It’s one of the first free-range zoos where exhibits are entirely cage less and their surrounding match their native habitat as closely as possible. Also the weather at Miami allows keeping variety of animals from Asia Australia and Africa like no other zoo in the nation.

It surely promises a full filled day for families, animal and nature lovers and photographers alike.

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  1. This was awesome! I rmemeber seeing the zoo destroyed during hurricane Andrew. Glad that you covered this 😉

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