Minor Leaguers To Get Real Drug Tests, Now For The Pros

With all the talk of declining home run numbers of this “post steroids” era of baseball, it still can’t be said that the game has cleaned up all that much. After all, Major League Baseball doesn’t even test for what is said to be one of the most popular performance enhancing drugs among players: Human Growth Hormone. The league says its wants to, but is stymied by the players’ union position against blood testing. MLB, however, is going to sidestep that hurdle the best it can.

The league announced last week it’s going to test minor leaguers for HGH, given that players not on a 40-man major league roster aren’t subject to union rules.

It’s about time MLB made this move and it’s about time the players’ union gives up its fight in favor of the ability to cheat. These PEDs allow unscrupulous and undeserving players to break honest records. They allow players to steal a finite number of jobs from those who are more deserving. The union’s argument that blood tests are too intrusive is childishly weak. Surely players can trade a needle poke for the privilege of getting rich while playing a game. MLB and all its players should be clamoring for the chance to clean their images, and to cleanse the game of cheaters who are stealing from players of the past, present and future. Test for everything and test everyone.

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