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Cagefighting is a Growing Business

Mixed Martial Arts is becoming more and more popular in the states.  There is even talk of making it an official Olympic sport.  Of course, that’s just talk.  There are enough of us who happen to think that MMA, or Cage-fighting is too dangerous.  This type of no-holds-barred wrestling combines a variety of traditional and non-traditional Martial Arts methods of fighting.

The MMA was established in 1993, and the intent was to develop the ultimate technique for fighting, between unarmed opponents.  No padding or headgear is worn in the cage.  Little care is shown for the safety of the fighters and, seemingly few rules apply.   I’m no expert, but it seems rather barbaric.

We’ve all seen what boxers look like after, one too many, blows to the head…I can’t imagine the damage these guys brains are taking.  I think there must be too much testosterone running through some of these guys and that may have clouded their better judgment.

Putting my personal opinions aside (for a minute), there is, reportedly, some serious money in this business.  There are schools popping up all over and Ultimate Fighting Championships are making loads on pay-per-view.  This week, the biggest pay-per-view payoff, shot down a chance to offer MMA to the audience of Ontario.  Canada is not enthusiastic about the UFC, and have sanctioned against the sport of mixed martial arts within its boundaries.

Toronto viewers, reportedly, spend more money per capita, purchasing pay-per-view, and the UFC would really like a piece of that.  In fact, they are currently working on changing legislature to support them. 

With so much controversy surrounding the UFC and oodles of money to be made…the fight is on.  On Saturday the UFC makes its debut in Sydney, Australia.  I wish them luck, but I sincerely hope that the dollar sign doesn’t take precedent over common sense.

For me, the real dilemma lies in the motives behind the promoters of this sport.  Martial Arts have been passed down through the centuries.  It is in the heritage of some of us…and I, for one, believe that ancestry and heritage plays an important role and should be honored.  I firmly believe that the cream will rise to the top.  The right decisions will be made and we will all be better for it. 

In case I’m wrong…Please, keep your eye on this sport and any danger it might present to our children.  Vote appropriately, use your best judgment, and most of all keep the well-being of the participants above the profits, when you decide to attend one of these events.

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