Mobile Applications as SaaS?

SaaS for mobiles

Mobile Applications as SaaS?

Mobile applications market is already buzzing with activity. Mobile handsets are treading the same path that computers have taken, therefore, would it be wrong to assume that soon we will be having mobile applications as SaaS or software as a service? Though the term SaaS has been replaced by cloud computing, it still can be used in context of mobiles. Getting back to the theme of this article, the idea may seem absurd as of now, but could turn out be a treasure trove if executed properly.

Handset users usually download a mobile application, use it for sometime and then just forget about it. For example, are you still playing the same mobile game that you had downloaded say about six months ago. In all probability, you got bored with it in matter of days and forgot about it. You could have spent somewhere around $10 for that. Won’t SaaS make sense now? You download the game, play it for a week and forget about it. And you pay just $5 for that. Also, if the price is low, more people will happily pay for it. Now try to implement this business model in a market like India, which not only is the biggest mobile service market in the world, soon it will be the largest handset market of the world. Users there would welcome such a deal with open arms as the consumer in India is very price sensitive. The question is, if computers can, why mobiles cannot adopt the concept of SaaS when a market like India is yet to be tapped?

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