Think Multitasking pays! How about a Million Dollars?

The multitasking guru pays the price in the end!

Less than twenty four hours to the announcement of the fourth version of iPhone, with a highlight on its most sought after ‘multitasking’ feature, a New York Times story shockingly reveals how multitasking is affecting our everyday lives. Not in a good way that is.

In a series of articles by the New York Times, called ‘Your Brain on Computers’, the very first story is covered on a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Kord Campbell who is breathing eating living computers and gadgets 24 hours of his life. And when the most important deal of his career comes knocking at his inbox, offering over a million dollars to buy his Internet start up, he misses this email to multitasking. Not so surprising, when you are surrounded by information flood and juggling between one screen to another all the time.

So what’s really wrong with multitasking? Don’t we all listen to the radio while driving our car, check the pending voice messages, and take a sip of mocha every now and then.

Though our brains are well conditioned to doing multiple things at one time and it’s rather difficult to do just one thing and only one thing at a time, truth is that we really can’t process more than two or three things at a given time. More things on our to-do list and we have to switch between tasks, to keep our concentration levels in check and take regular breaks in between.

Or we might end up missing our one time million dollar chance of  life. The choice is ours.

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