Museum of Natural History Extends Natural Color Diamond Exhibit

Museum of Natural History

The Museum of Natural History wants you to fall in love with natural colored diamonds. They have been exhibiting the Olympia Diamond collection to wide acclaim and success. An unexpectedly popular collection, these diamonds have been drawing crowds with their beautiful hue and rare attributes.

“While it might be the rarity and mulitmillion dollar value of these five gems that attracts people to the museum’s Morgan Memorial Hall of Gems, it is the extraordinary beauty of these diamonds that thrills them,” said colored diamond authority Bruno Scarselli.

The Olympia collection is on loan to the Museum of Natural History from Scarselli diamonds, curated by Joshua Sheby. The museum, located near Central Park in New York, has been exhibiting these beautiful diamonds since September of 2009. It had planned to close the exhibit in February of this year, but due to its impressive popultarity, the museum now plans to display the diamonds indefinitely, or until further notice.

The collection contains five diamonds in the “vivid” classification, the highest category for colored diamonds, and a testament to their rarity and allure. They range in size from 1.01 carats to 2.34 carats and contain the strongest naturally-occuring colors of blue-green, orange-yellow, purple-pink, blue and orange. More information regarding the exhibit and the museum can be found at here.

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  1. These diamonds are definitely extraordinary! Diamonds are already beautiful and special even when white but those who want to add extra flair can opt for the rare colored ones available from select jewelers.

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