Natural Language and Synonomous Words Increase Site Traffic

Building Blocks of Search Engine Optimization

Building Blocks of Search Engine Optimization

Web designers and content writers who utilize keywords and keyphrases to target site traffic from search engines (such as Google or Yahoo) as part of their Search Engine Optimization strategy must continually adapt their bag of tricks to account for new search engine algorithms.  The average internet user is familiar with the concept of keywords – the sort of thing one would type into Yahoo or Google to search for information.  While it may initially seem more effective to utilize the same keyword or keyphrase over and over again in a website in order to increase rankings, newer search engine algorithms encourage the utilization of more natural language by accounting for “semantically-related words” or synonyms. 

Search engine “robots” evaluate an entire page in order to determine its nature and its content value to the web.  Therefore, it becomes more and more important for those who write copy for the internet to diversify their language in order to drive traffic to their respective sites.  It is still important for web content writers to utilize their main keyword or phrase throughout their site, but utilizing tools such as a thesaurus to diversify your language will ultimately provide better results.  By using synonymous words in your content, it will make your site more intriguing, natural sounding, and will increase overall rankings.

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