New Russian Search Engine May Pose Threat to Google Dominance


 Google is one of the best known and most utilized of all search engines throughout the world.  While competitors such as Yahoo,, and Bing have taken their own percentages of the search engine market, they have hardly been a threat to the overall dominance of Google.  Even the word taken as a complete verb, “to google” (taken into context as “googled”, “google”, or “googling”), has been accepted into the vernacular of most Americans as well as into many standard American English dictionaries.  This is how strong a presence the search engine giant holds over the global populace. 

Google may soon experience loss of search engine market-share from a new competitor whose abilities and relevant search results mirror the very reason Google became the search engine of choice in the first place., which monopolized the Russian search engine world for the past several years, has launched a new version of its site. is the international version of the orignal, Russian only search engine.  Its release was anticipated by some to be unsuccessful, but because Yandex returns extremely relevant search results with little spam and fewer ads than Google, it will very likely beat Bing, Yahoo,, and other search engines’ attempt at taking away a valuable percentage of market share from our favorite search engine giant.  Perhaps someday in the future, we will be “yandexing” keywords rather than “googling” them.

2 thoughts on “New Russian Search Engine May Pose Threat to Google Dominance

  1. Would love to see some real competition for Google. I don’t like to rely on one source for quality information. I don’t see any search engine giving Google a real run for it’s dominance, though. There needs to be something more innovative than just another search engine. What could do it? Facebook/Bing if they can get their act together. Every facebook page should have a Bing search box on it. That could actually be a game-changer and make a significant impact on Google search. But where is it? When is going to show up? Why is it taking so long? This should have been done by now.

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