New York City Politician Shells Out $20k For Sushi



Most patrons expect to pay a reasonably high bill when ordering sushi. It’s pricey. But one New York City politician appears to be quite slimy over a sushi scandal. New York attorney general Andrew Cuomo filed a lawsuit against state senate majority leader Pedro Espada Jr. The suit claims that the senator misappropriated funds intended for the Soundview Health Clinic, a community development clinic.

Among the things Espada is accused of spending his money on are 650 meals for Espada himself and his supporters, averaging $120 per meal, and over 200 meals valued at $200,000 from New York sushi restaurants, where Espada often ordered take out food.

Other misuses of funds, according to Cuomo’s suit, are trips to Las Vegas, Puerto Rico and rent on a residence used to establish residency in his district.

This is not the first time that Espada’s professional ethics have been called in to question. In June of last year, Espada was seared for failing to file 7 years of campaign reports, failing to be transparent regarding the spending of campaign funds. He also is rumored to live in Westchester, despite his claims that he resides in the Bronx. Interesting to note, the take out sushi was delivered to Westchester, not the Bronx.

Something smells fishy!

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