New Zealand Authority Tires of Drunken Population

Can't enjoy this through beer goggles

The recent release of the Law Commission‘s paper ‘Alcohol in Our Lives: Curbing the Harm,’ received a warm welcome from The New Zealand Medical Association (NZMA) as they hope it will help control the problem of excessive alcohol consumption that pervades throughout the country.

Dr. Peter Foley, the Chair to the NZMA, accentuated the serious health implications of heavy alcohol consumption, which generally include diseases of the nervous system, heart, liver and a slew of other common medical complications. “It is also linked to accidents of all types,” he said, “family breakdowns, violence and other alcohol-related offences.”

Alcohol poses health risks

Dr. foley expressed his worry about the situation in New Zealand, drawing attention to widespread ignorance, regarding health risks of excessive consumption that affects both the individual and society as a holistic organism. The NZMA agreed with many of the reports recommendations, which included increasing the alcohol tax, regulating irresponsible promotions that encourage overzealous consumption, and returning the minimum purchase age back to 20 years. The current age is 18, which the NZMA now views as too young. It also is going to reconsider restricting the trading hours and introduce policies that target cheap alcohol (which research has shown to be a favorite among young, heavy drinkers.)

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