Nintendo Continues to Evolve with Gamers

Duck Hunt Dog

The Annoying Dog from Duck Hunt


Nintendo, the revolutionary organization whose first console system hit the shelves in 1985, has evolved tremendously over the years.  The company’s first game console, the Nintendo Entertainment System brought loveable characters such as Mario, Link, and that annoying dog from Duck Hunt into our homes for the first time.  While the system’s graphics and controls may seem primative by today’s standards, 25 years ago they transformed the gaming world. 

The Nintendo Entertainment System was replaced in 1991 by the Super Nintendo (SNES).  Its release excited the gaming community because of its promise of superior graphics and a more complex gaming experience.  These capabilities were brought about by the transition to 16-bit technology.  The video game world moved from what was effectively a pixelated 2D universe into one which, while still mainly 2-Dimensional, featured smooth lines and a more cartoon-like image.  In 1996, Nintendo released the N64 which promised a new level of realism with its 3-Dimensional imagery and superior graphics.  Many Nintendo loyalists who remember the release of this particular system will fondly recall the 3D graphics featured in the game, Goldeneye. 

In 2001, Nintendo introduced the GameCube.  While its release was perhaps not quite as successful as that of previous Nintendo consoles, the systems use of discs rather than game cartridges brought the GameCube one step closer to the Nintendo of today that we all know and love – the Wii.

The Nintendo Wii is the latest generation in gaming systems from this innovative organization.  This console features video games that get players moving and transport them into the game with the use of gyroscopic controllers.  These allow Wii players to combine interactive video games and sharp graphics with something we can all feel good about – exercise (or at least a little movement)!

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