Nintendo and Lenovo Rank Poorly in Guide to Greener Electronics

Guide to Greener Electronics

Greenpeace "Guide to Greener Electronics"




Nintendo and Lenovo continue to rate as the two worst companies for “green” activities in the 15th release of Greenpeace’s “Guide to Greener Electronics.”  Greenpeace has been rating electronics companies on this scale since August 2006.  The guide rates producers of computers, cell phones, TVs and other electronics based upon their recycling policies, use of toxic chemicals, and impact on climate change.  Greenpeace‘s goal with this study is to promote change within these organizations by reducing and eventually eliminating hazardous substances from their products, allowing consumers to return used products for recycling after use, and reducing overall climate impact.

Reasons for their low scores include use PVC and BFRs by Lenovo, with no evidence that these substances will be removed from new products within the next year.  Nintendo routinely scores low on this report because they do not release relevant environmental impact information to Greenpeace and because of poor rankings for e-waste as well as increases in CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions from its production facilities.  In fact, Nintendo’s greenhouse emissions increased in both 2006 and 2007. 

Greenpeace rated Nokia and Sony Ericcson as the top two “greenest” companies in its report due to their reduced use of toxic chemicals, restrictions on PVC, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

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