The Nissan Cube Wins Automobile Magazines 2010 Design of the Year

nissan cube

Nissan Cube

With all the boxy styled cars on the market why did the Nissan Cube win the 2010 Automobile Magazine Design of the Year Award, in a word charm.  The Cube is organic in appearance; it imbues a sense of limitless space once inside. 

Futuristic, yet retro the Cube appeals to all of the senses; it is not beautiful, it is not sexy but it will make you smile.  Available in four models you can build the look that fits your lifestyle.

The first thing that caught my eye was the wrap around rear/side window; it is unique and allows for greater visibility for the driver.  There is space for 5 people to comfortably enjoy the ride.  With 6 air bags for safety and gas mileage of up to 31 mpg this car is a winner.

The windows are inset from the surface with an asymmetrical rear side-hinged door accessing the storage area.  The interior is spacious, in fact it feels enormous.  There is ample headroom, elbow room and legroom accommodating even the tallest of passengers; 58 cubic feet in fact.  It feels like a limo at an economy price.

shag dash topper

Shag Dash Topper

The dashboard design has a wave pattern with circles in the headliner and door speakers, there are no hard edges to be seen and it gives one a sense of flow.  The buttons and switches are pleasing to the touch. 

Based on its aerodynamic design the wind noise is at a minimum.  It is filled with color options and whimsical features down to the shag circle dash topper.  This car just makes you smile.

Add to this IIHS picked the Cube as a 2010 Top Safety Pick and KBB named it one of its 2009 Top 10 Coolest Cars under $18,000.  If you are a recent grad Nissan will give you a $500.00 rebate for a limited time.  Looking cool on a budget never felt so good starting at $13,990, check it out. 

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