No Booze on the (Miami) Beach!

Miami's Guilty Pleasures !

Sip on your favorite tropical cocktail while tanning and sun bathing in the sands, has been the hottest selling feature of Miami’s ocean front resorts and restaurants, especially the South Beach section of these hospitality joints. But nobody ever bothered to check if it was even legal to bring boozes to the beach. Until recently when City Attorney Jose Smith reviewed the city’s rules and made this law see the light of the day.

After registering hundreds of complaints on littering and drinking this spring break, city attorney officers started looking at the beach liquor sale, and enforced the city’s drinking law, banning consumption and sales of alcohol in public places.

Hotels are allowed to sell alcohol within the hotel premises, but the beachfront patios that line the sand must be alcohol free, as per the rule. David Kelsey, president of the South Beach Hotel & Restaurant Association of Miami however told, reassuring the travelers, that city commissioner is already working on a proposal to issue permits for beach liquor sales, after which it will be business as usual.

Until these hotels at South Beach Miami including upscale Ritz-Carlton, Diano etc get the permit to serve liquor at the beach; it’s a tough job for police officials to keep a tab on travelers coming to Miami in a partying mood.

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