The North Dakota Museum of Art Roars

"Animals, Then and Now"

Lions, and tiger, and bears…oh my!!!  The North Dakota Museum of Art is bringing them to life through an extraordinary touring exhibit, “Animals, Now and Then”.  The museum features artists’ works in the form of captivating video, stunning photography, numerous paintings, and sculpture.  This contemporary exhibit highlights the work of twenty artists from across North and South America, and was put together by Museum Director, Laurel Rueter

The art that has been assembled paints a picture of the complexities of the animal kingdom, and reminds us that we (humans) are but one of the nearly 10 million species of animals inhabiting this planet.  The exhibit reveals contrasting points-of-views and conflicting visions of life.  The North Dakota Museum of Art, through their careful selection of pieces, has assembled an interesting and unique showing.

This is a worthwhile exhibit for any of us, but students in particular are encouraged to take a tour.  Schools within a 50 mile radius are eligible for reimbursement for the cost, so no excuses.  The North Dakota Museum of Art has painstakingly put together this amazing exhibit for our enjoyment and appreciation.  Take a walk on the wild side!

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