Not for everyone, but might be the best for you.

By: Stacy Liberatore

Not only did you cross the stage to receive your diploma but, you crossed over the threshold of a milestone in your life. Now it is time to make one of the biggest decisions that will affect the rest of your life. Which college are you going to attend?

You have looked at 50 different colleges, done the orientations, but none of them seem to fit you in the right way. Well fear not, community college may just be the way to go.

4 out of 10 high school graduates start their college education at a community college. Community colleges were developed for two major purposes: To serve as a bridge from high school to college by providing courses for transfer students toward a Bachelor degree. The second is to prepare students for the job market, by offering entry-level career training.

If you are paying for college all by yourself, community college seems the best route to take. You can live home, while saving on living expenses. And let’s face it mom’s home cooked meals beats the cafeteria food any day.

Maybe your grades weren’t that great in high school, almost half of us are guilty of that. And all the college letters you received back are nothing but rejection letters. But, when one door closes another one opens. The wonderful thing about community colleges is, they accept everyone! It’s getting that second chance that everyone deserves.

With the economy at an all time low most students have to work at least part-time, if not full-time to get by in today’s world. Juggling a full schedule of classes and a full week of work can be exhausting, but community colleges provide flexible times for classes that seem to fit everyone’s schedule. Since the schools are smaller in attendance compared to a 4 year college/university, the class sizes are smaller. Allowing students to have a better relationship with their professors and seek out the help they may need to obtain a passing grade in the class.

The college you choose can either make you or break you. It is like buying a car, you never jump right into one and drive it off the lot; you sit in the driver seat and imagine yourself cruising down the highway. You have to find the one that fits you. And community colleges seem to fit everyone from every different life with every different plan.

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