Obama Hires Help For Implementing His Beloved Health Care Reform

Pete Rouse in the Oval Office

Knowing that Obama-care will not effectively reduce high medical costs without some direct implementation, President Obama has turned to some of his best for another push forward. Pete Rouse, one of his most trusted White House advisers, is just one of the talented individuals that he’s personally asked to help him construct an intricate model meant to expediently press the new health care laws into action.

Obama is really close with Katherine Sebelius

Nancy-Ann DeParle, ┬áthe individual who often stood at the forefront of legislative effort in the health sector, has also been employed to manage the construction of the mechanism that will extend coverage out to 30 million presently uninsured Americans, while ultimately achieving the law’s long-term goal of cost containment. Kathleen Sebelius, the secretary of health and human services (and previous insurance commissioner), has undertaken the difficult task of re-introducing regulations for Medicare, Medicaid and private health-care providers. In doing so, she has already reorganized the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services so that space is available for a new center intended to find more efficient ways of reimbursing providers that improve patient care and reduce government spending. And, to make matters even more hopeful, the president has ensured that any of the secretary’s brilliant ideas will be free to expand nation wide, without the permission of Congress.

Some, including David M. Cutler – Harvard economist and Obama’s chief campaign adviser on health policy – believe that the president is ushering in one of the largest government transformations since World War II. Seems like a really good thing; after all, isn’t about time that 50-year-old health policy gets an upgrade?

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