OK GO Does It Again…Only Better

"Here We Go" Music Video

"The Treadmill Video"

After being on the top fifty most viewed videos on YouTube and having almost fifty million hits with their single “Here It Goes Again” (otherwise known as “The Treadmill Video”) The band OK GO has recently released their latest music videoThis Too Shall Pass“.

Brilliantly done, their newest music video begins with a single toy firetruck crashing into a row of dominoes which initiates a series of crashing, bumping, and twirling executed by an assortment of bowling balls, pulleys, and umbrellas.

OK GO on the red carpet

OK GO at the Grammys

Besides for being fascinating in its cinematography and sheer genius in its construction the video features musically creative ideas as well. Around twenty seconds into the video a lever falls onto the play button of an iPod which begins playing the song. Later, the music stops and two spoons tied to a guitar hanging over rows of glasses filled with different measurements of water hit the glasses creating the notes of the song after which the song resumes. The song itself is not nearly as catchy or as fun as their previous hit “Here It Goes Again”, but then again the mood and tone of the new “This Too Shall Pass” is meant to generate a slower rhythm and has more of a vocal quality to it.

OK GO’s eccentric music and videos have given them widespread popularity on the web and won them a Grammy for “Best Short-Form Music Video” in 2007.

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