Organic Coffee On The Rise Despite A Bad Economy

The Fair Trade organic coffee industry is increasing, which is great news for farmers

Producers of coffee need to take notice of a growing demand for Fair Trade organic beans.  In 2009 alone the market sales were at 1.4 billion dollars, which blows away the standard coffee competition.

This is evidenced in the last four years where organic coffee demand has increased by 21 percent on average, compared to only one percent for regular coffee.  That is a substantial difference and is expected to continue to rise.

Organic coffee is popular for several reasons.  First, it’s healthier.  The beans do not contain harmful chemicals or pesticides.  Second, it’s great for the environment because growers use responsible practices that actually replenish the soil.  And third, it helps support small organic coffee growers, especially in third world countries, and their prospective economies.

There are around 40 countries that currently produce organic coffee, all of which are accountable to the Organic Trade Association and that guarantees to consumers that the coffee is one hundred percent organic.  These countries include Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica, North America, Bolivia, El Salvador, and Nicaragua.  The OTA was formed in 1975 in North America and has around 1,400 members today.

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