Orianthi the Rock Goddess

Orianthi & Santana Performing Together

If you were to take a look at the Rolling Stone’s list of the 100 greatest guitarists to have ever lived you will see a serious lack of female presence. Although women have been on par with men in all other areas of music, for some reason when it comes to guitar playing women have simply not been able to master the skills needed to make the top 100… until now, for now we have rock goddess Orianthi.

Australian Orianthi Panagaris was discovered by Michael Jackson and played as his lead guitarist for his final “This Is It” concert tour. She has since gone on to play with guitar legends such as Santana and Steve Vai and stood her ground without breaking a sweat. Orianthi has also played at the legendary Crossroads blues festival.

Orianthi's Debut Album Believe

Her debut album Believe has a pop feel to it fused with extraordinary guitar soloing. Her hit single “According to You” was Single of the Week on iTunes in October 2009 and features a music video displaying her guitar solo with a close up on the finger board.

Whatever the case has been until now, Orianthi has broken all barriers with her unique guitar playing and her skillful ability to mold herself into any genre. She is without a doubt the future of female guitarists worldwide.

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