PLUS opens for Snoop Dogg at Hartford’s Webster Theater

Snoop Dogg

PLUS, a 34-year-old rapper/ producer, who began rapping in Connecticut with his hip-hop trio, Nervous System, was at a loss for words when he was invited to open for the legendary Snoop Dogg at Hartford’s Webster Theater this friday.

P.J. Davis, who goes by the title PLUS on stage, was born in Washington, D.C., grew up in Gaithersburg, M.D., and made his way through Wilton before settling down with his family in South Salem, N.Y. in 1993. And, since he still plays “Doggystyle,” Snoop’s 1993 record debut, as if it had came out last week, it’s safe to say that 93′ was a great year for him.

Since then, he has traded  Nervous System, which was comprised of himself along with Bridgeport emcees Solstorm and Eclipse, for a solo career where he switched out the digital sampler for a midi keyboard, and managed to go from an introverted individual to a man who pours himself into his records.

Webster Theater in Hartford, CT

After all, PLUS just wants to let people know that he exists; he hopes to assert his solo capabilities as he tears up the state’s blossoming hip-hop scene. And, considering the title of his new self-produced album, “The Turning Point,” this couldn’t have been a better time to take on the challenge.

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