New Poll By Kaiser Health Reveals Fascinating Insights into the American Political Perceptions

Obama contemplates the controversy

According to a Kaiser Health Tracking Poll, a majority of Americans are puzzled by the newly enacted heath care laws, and continue to be unsure about how they affect them. It’s been a month since Obama signed them into law, and still the nation’s public remains divergent over this controversial piece of legislation.

According to a poll: Republicans love cable news, while Democrats prefer network programing

The poll surveyed 1,208 adults in mid-April, and found 77 percent of Democrats in support of the new laws, and  79 percent of Republicans (and 46 percent of Independents) opposing them ; however, the same survey also depicted a well-defined majority of Americans who support specific stipulations. For example: As many as 86 percent are in favor of small business tax breaks, while 81 percent want to stop insurance companies from dropping patients with major health problems; another 74 percent of participants expressed an interest in extending their child’s coverage until they’re the ripe age of 26.

But, perhaps the most interesting facet of this poll isn’t so much about what the people believe, but where they get the information that got them to believe it in the first place. When participants were asked to choose their “most important” news source, 36 percent said cable news channels and their websites.

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