President Obama is Grilled by US Commission on International Religious Freedom

The President realizes that religion isn't black and white.

In the 2010 annual report, the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) asserted that President Obama failed to do all that he could to lobby for the protection of global religious freedom.

It mentioned that the president did not appoint an Ambassador-At-Large for International Religious Freedom, until now – a month after a request was made in a petition signed by lawmakers, scholars and human rights groups. The commission warned that an empty seat would send a message to the international community that rendered religious freedom a less-than priority for the president. The USCIRF

Religious Freedom: wouldn't it be nice?

also brought to attention the fact that Obama had not rated any countries as ‘CPC,’ or “countries of particular concern,” meaning that they have broken severe religious violations. Furthermore, it spoke onĀ Obama rarely mentioning religious freedom while in Ankara and Cairo last year, and the fact that the president and his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, replaced religious freedom with “freedom to worship.” On the latter subject, the commission called out the government by stating that they could muffle the issue by emphasizing how O.K. faiths are free to worship, while reserving mere token houses to the minor faiths.

This is the land of the free; so long as god remains on our currency, religion will not be judged currently.

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