The University of Findlay Professor Studies Dogs like Their Human

Michael Edelbrock Ph.D.

Michael Edelbrock, Ph.D., associate professor of biology at The University of Findlay, asked students to help him study canine cells using a process that Alexander Vaglenov – M.D., Ph.D., associate professor of pharmaceutical sciences – perfected in order to study human cells – not dogs’.

It may seem odd, but, according to Edelbrock, studying how a dog responds to toxic exposure is a great indicator for assessing how a human would react to the very same toxin. As it stands, exposure to environmental pollutants could affect the human genome, resulting in mutations that could potentially lead to serious diseases like cancer. Edelbrock is looking to study the canine population in a controlled geographical environment, to assess how humans would survive in an identical setting.

Edelbrock studies dogs because they resemble humans: genetically speaking.

If these tests discover consistent patterns within the dog’s cells, than eventually they could be employed to analyze the overall environmental quality of a given location; for instance, would a dog be able to live a single day, breathing in the L.A. air?”

Such research like this is currently conducted in $450,000 cutting-edge scientific laboratories, completed prior to the 2007-2008 academic year, and attended by the students and faculty members of the University, as they dig further into the essence of discovery, uncovering the hidden truths of knowledge, and polishing the magnificent facts of biological life.

4 thoughts on “The University of Findlay Professor Studies Dogs like Their Human

  1. This absolutely appalling! This ois very wrong an I suggest you test it on yourself as your the one that’s curious completely against animal testings you should be ashamed!

  2. Really animal testing? years later at this point. I hope its not the case.. and if it is i could only hope you found your self stuck in a “controlled geographical environment”

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