Racing for Diamonds

Racing through the streets of Monaco

Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton will not slowing down their cars to show off their diamond studded steering wheels this year at the car race in Monaco, but I bet some members of the audience would like to get a closer look at their diamond display.

This year won’t be the first time drivers for McLaren, a Formula One racing team which is based in the United Kingdom, have sported bling in their racing outfits, but each year they seem to up the last year. In past years drivers have worn helmets with studded with diamonds spelling their initials. The lavish diamond gifts come from one of the drivers’ top sponsors, Steinmetz, a diamond specialist.

Lewis Hamilton, the 2008 Monaco winner and Jenson Button, the 2009 Monaco winner will be sporting the diamond goods this year around. Hamilton, who wore one of the diamond accessorized helmets during his win in 2008, is hoping that the steering wheel will bring similar luck this year.

The Monaco car race is known for its glamour and prestige, as well as for its dangerous track that leads drivers through tunnels, around tight corners and down narrow streets.

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  1. How lavish – I wonder if any Nascar rivers have rhinestone-encrusted helmets? I enjoyed this article, and found it highly entertaining – thanks!

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