Ramen Noodles Are Tasty But Not Nutritious

Top Ramen noodles taste great and are cheap, but can be unhealthy

If you have attended college on a shoestring budget you may be one of the thousands of students who choose a diet consisting of ramen style noodles that are quick to fix and great tasting, but lack nutritional value.

A recent study in Australia found that those who consumed mostly ramen style noodles put themselves in a dangerous health zone, opening the doors to diseases like cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  Typically fruits and vegetables are left out of the student diet because of the high cost, an issue that the Obama administration is addressing.

Ramen noodles are a basic mix of wheat, salt and flavored broth like beef, chicken or shrimp.  The carbohydrate content is very high, as is the sodium.  There is virtually no fiber, vitamins or minerals in the freeze-dried mix.  And because the noodles are typically fried, the saturated fats are also up on the scale.

This yakisoba style of noodles is very tasty, but must be consumed with caution.  There are fresh ramen noodles available at grocery stores along with frozen vegetables and real broth to add to the mix.  The cost may be slightly higher than a brand like Top Ramen Noodles, but the health value is much better.

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