Convicted Rapist Tries to Evade Execution on Account of His Allergies

The Deceased, Darryl Durr

Upon recieving his lethal injection, Darryl Durr clenched his fists with a grimace that lasted for a few seconds before his head gently laid back in silence. The 46-year-old serial rapist – convicted for strangling a teenage girl in 1988 – was pronounced dead at 10:36 a.m. at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility in Lucasville. But, the peace of mind offered unto the victim’s mother was almost derailed by an odd turn of defense involving the convict’s allergies toward the drug used for execution.

Some shamelessly consider rape fashionable.

A recent discovery in Durr’s 800-page medical record revealed that the inmate was seriously allergic to anesthesia; under recent consideration by the defense, ¬†this detail looked like a way out, since the state of Ohio uses a large does of anesthesia to carry out their criminal executions.¬†Durr argued that nobody could know how his body would react to the drug; however, his fear failed to completely convince the State that an allergic reaction would occur before the criminal was deeply unconscious. They further noted that -in the event of a possible negative side effect – the worst would be death from low blood pressure and impaired breathing, which aren’t exactly relevant concerns in the context of an execution.

The victim’s uncle said that he supported Ohio’s death penalty, but that he felt that the lethal injection was still far too humane for a killer like Durr, putting forth the electric chair as his preferred style of execution. The victim’s mother also felt disappointed that Durr failed to admit his guilt. But, at least the family can rest assured that an evil man no longer has the ability to wreck another life.

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