Retailers Continue to Depend on SEO Techniques

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Search engine utilization continues to grow as consumers become more and more internet savvy.  Of the over 15 billion internet searches that were performed in the United States throughout the month of May, 60% of them were performed on GoogleYahoo and Bing were the next two most popular search engines and have gained some ground over the past year.  Perhaps the biggest upset to the traditional search engine, however, was the increase in utilization of which saw 14% more searches than in the previous month., which started as an online book seller, has now expanded its product selection to include everything from books to movies to electronics.  As Americans increase their use of search engines to shop for products and services, search engine optimization is becoming an increasingly important part of companies’ business plans.  Over 90% of retailers that operate with an online presence utilize search engine optimization techniques to improve their visibility on search engines.  The ability to easily “shop around” for cheaper deals combined with no lines and a wide array of consumer reviews and readily available product descriptions has made internet shopping for certain products a smart solution for many consumers.  Retail organizations have responded and search engine optimization has continued to increase in importance for these companies.

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